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Reem El Shafaki – Moderators Welcome

Reem El Shafaki | May 3, 2011 | 1 Comment
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Assallam Aleikom – Welcome to the Muslim Consumer – Experts Blog.  My name is Reem El Shafaki and I am a Senior Associate within DinarStandard’s Research and Advisory Team, and am excited to be moderating this blog.

A little background on myself: I specialize in the Muslim Lifestyle Market which focuses on Halal brands and Muslim consumers whose actions, to varying degrees, are faith driven.  My background is in developing marketing strategies and executing marketing programs and campaigns for mainstream and startup brands.  You can read more about my background here.

This blog: Our focus in this blog will be on Muslim consumer behavior, highlighting their diversity; as well as on branding as it relates to the Muslim Lifestyle Market.

We have invited key thought leaders in the Muslim Lifestyle space to participate in this blog on a regular basis.  Some of the issues I’m looking to explore with our Experts on this blog are:

  • How are Muslim consumers evolving?
  • What are the patterns of consumer diversity and behavior?
  • What are the key elements of a successful “Halal” brand and how can we replicate that?
  • What corporate brands need to do to attract the Muslim consumer segment, and what are a few already doing?

I would love for our readers to pose their own questions with regards to Muslim consumer behavior and “Halal” brands.  What are the topics you’d like to see discussed in this blog?

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  1. ajmal says:

    Hi Reem,

    Well this web site explores me to gain knowledge on Muslim country origin product.

    The key element of successful halal brand is the Muslim origin product owner must have opening mindset to penetrate in non Muslim country market place .information technology will bring them to look global market place. This will take many years to halal brand replicate.
    I am studying business module based on Muslim origin product. I have enquired few product owners for brandishing and franchising opportunity.
    I have not received even acknowledgement from them. This attitude will drive them to downward trend. They might be strong present in niche however once committer penetrate their market place
    Their survives on niche is questionable

    Same enquiry I have asked non Muslim origin halal product. They have immediately replied. I have chosen to go with them.
    This is the gap between two markets place. Dinastandard can help to bring this gap narrow.

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