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Jonathan (Bilal) A. J. Wilson – Introduction

Jonathan A. J. Wilson | May 4, 2011 | 0 Comments
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In short, I think a lot, I have plenty of questions, I like to learn, and ideas pop into my head.

I’ve finally realized that the perfect career for me therefore, is like that of the archetypal Indiana Jones figure – except Leadership and Management, Marketing, Branding and Consumer Behavior are my fields of interest. The analogy with Indiana Jones, really just alludes to the fact that I like research, writing, lecturing, sharing ideas, but also most importantly: adventures in the field – the further away from home and the more obscure, the more exciting!

Along my travels, I decided to become a Muslim over a decade ago. And so: with learning how to understand Muslims and Islam; then eventually practicing the faith; mixed with knowledge of what it’s like not to be a Muslim; and of course my professional skills – all culminate in gifting me with some interesting experiences and perspectives. There is a new wave of marketers and academics, championing the interests of Muslims – of which I’d like to feel I’m part of. More importantly, we’re also highlighting the fact that this isn’t just about Muslims – the net is much wider. Also, as professionals, we bring a new approach to understanding, interpreting, refining and bringing together gaps in the fields of business and Islam.

And so, assalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah to you all: thanks for reading and I hope that you will continue to pop in and check out my blog. Areas of interest for me, within those fields mentioned above, are: cross-culture, music, sports, youth, education, fashion and food.

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